Black Girl Magic / A Poetic Vision

Before picking cotton and raped as
Slave masters whores forgotten
you were the queens and gems of God’s imagination
You were black girl Magic
Before Assata Shook her Activism fists and fits
And they pulled up to Eleanor’s Bumpurs bits
Of sanity ... Shot
with a 12 gauge loaded with racists shells
Exploding Black Girl Magic
Before Black Mary was the 1st Black Girl to go postal in service
 And, Mae Jemison decided the teachings of “Massa” couldn’t stop her from reaching NASA
Because even in the universe, beyond the spiritual layers of this earth
All in the Cosmos lives Your Black Girl Magic
Before CaShawn Thompson told the world Black Girls are Magic
And, the world told Black Girls that the Magic of their entwined twists and cornrows are boxer braids
Like everything attached to us must be a fight
Christ Rules Everything Around Me – 
French-vanilla, butter-pecan, chocolate-deluxe hues of Hagar, Makeda, Zipporah;
The real standard of your magic, of your dopeness, 
of your ability to influence the events around you with supernatural forces
where the real suffrage unleashed spiritual intercession way before voting privileges said you had a voice You are God’s Girl Magic- Sprinkling your power in the rooms and classes filled with younger girls not needing hallway passes                                           to see the reflection of their magic that the masses of society want to take from them.
You are God’s Girl Magic
Walk in the room and change the atmosphere Magic
The one who pours her fragrance of praise on Him Magic
Dynamic Magic, Transforming Magic, Been around the World
But Still God’s Girl Magic
Painted with Melanin and Flavor
Only you, Black Girl, can carry Magic

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