Ayesha Jaco & The Cool

They thought it was cool to burn crosses on your front lawn as they hung you from trees in your backyard

They thought it was cool to leave you thirsty and stranded, Katrina

He thought it was cool to carry a gun in his classroom and open fire, Virginia Tech, Columbine, stop the violence

They thought it was cool to tear down the projects and put up million dollar condos, gentrification

They think it's cool to stand on the block hiding product in their socks to make quick dime bag dollars

They think it's cool to ride down on you in blue and white unmarked cars busting you upside your head


Cause the problem is we think it's cool too

Check your ingredients before you overdose on The Cool

~ Ayesha Jaco // Lyrics from Intro Track "Baba says Cool for Thought" on Lupe Fiasco's second studio album The Cool 

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*Below is her Bio From thelupefiascofoundation.org Stay tuned as Dominus Vir Explores her "hip hop" poetry features. 

Bio: Ayesha Jaco is the Co-Founder of the Lupe Fiasco Foundation where she currently serves as the Director. She is a Youth Empowerment Expert and Professor. Ayesha has worked with many Chicago based organizations to provide comprehensive social services and artistic programming for inner-city youth and their families. She also serves as the founder of Move Me Soul, a dance company that provides teens and young adults with professional dance training and life skill development.

Ayesha is a professor of Youth and Youth Culture at The Northeastern Illinois University; Jacob Carruthers Center for Inner-City Studies. She has been featured in Hype Magazine South Africa for her artistic prowess and youth work. She was recently awarded a Freedom Fighter Award from the DuSable Museum for African American History for her community and youth development efforts. Ayesha holds a Bachelor of Science in Dance and Mass Communication from Illinois State University and a Masters of Arts Management (Arts in Youth and Community Development) from Columbia College Chicago.
Taken from lupefiascofoundation.org

Stay tuned as Dominus Vir Explores her "hip hop" poetry features.