Gwendolyn Brooks Part II

Gwendolyn Brooks is a profound Chicagoan Poet and Writer. Originally born in Kansas in 1917, Brooks moved to Chicago where she would take up a strong interest in poetry. Brooks was rich, not in wealth but in the many relationships she wisely made at a youthful age. She eloquently wrote stories of families that were not malfunctioned although continuously distressed. Ms Brooks taught poetry workshops at Columbia College, Northeastern Illinois University, Elmhurst College, Columbia University, Clay College of New York and University of Wisconsin as well as numerous other Universities. There was an awakening moment for her at the height of her career when she became well-known which caused her to shift away from a major publishing house to smaller Black-Owned publishing companies. “She has taught audiences that poetry is not some formal activity closed to all but the most perspective. Rather, it is an art form within the reach and understanding of everybody-including the lowliest among us. 

We are proud to share with, from her award winning book, A Street in Bronzeville by G.B. circa 1945