Life by Patricia Ralph




We are the eternal breath of babies blowing bubbles to heaven …

Life is not the day to day dilemma of survival, misconceptions and deception

It is neither the fear of being nor the fear of knowing

Life cannot be defined by authority or the lack of

It cannot be defined by the power to destroy or the lack of power to defend

Life is not the accumulation of wealth or its unequal distribution that demeans - leaving its

masses to dwindle away in poverty and squalor

Life is not some random flip of a coin to select leaders or followers, winners or losers

Life is not that unpredictable falling star where you close your eyes and wish

for a happy ever after

It is not some fortune teller’s prediction on a deck of cards, a crystal ball or tea leaves in a cup

Life is not trivial fantasy perpetrated on reality TV or music videos perpetuated by illusions of

individuals living fake and calling it real

Life is not the addiction that makes it easy to wake up, go to sleep, speak, breathe and die

without adding value to space marginalized and depreciated

Webster defines life as “the interval of time between birth and death”, “it’s the manner of


So here we stand…

We are the eternal breath of babies blowing bubbles to heaven

~Patricia Ralph