Good Morning Negril by Patricia Ralph



The island’s rhythm awakens the senses to a picture perfect masterpiece, crystal blue, blue of the azure, topaz blue, blue zircon all coming together as one exotic collage as sea and sky collide at the sapphire blue horizon

 Para-sailors mischievously confuse the harmony as they float across the sky in an attempt to defy gravity. Greens, yellows, oranges, purples, all converging yet complementing the dynamic vision of blue.

 Jet skis carve waves of surf from north to south, pounding impenetrable waters unwilling to concede. Devious waves roll gently in an attempt to feign defeat as arrogant skiers’ lose control succumbing to its impervious force.

 Onlookers gasp in amazement at the astonishing change of events, and determined thrill seekers continue their relentless quest as the confident Caribbean Sea realigns itself.

 The beautiful crystal blue ocean reclaims its rightful place declaring victory as unworthy opponents scramble to shore soothing wounded egos. It is there on the sandy retreat that they shed their burden with rum punch in one hand and a spliff in the other calling out Irie man! Irie! Everything Irie!

The demise of the day’s adventures subsides with the sun and dreams of tomorrow surface like an adrenaline rush. Irie man! Irie!   


Patricia Ralph