Living My Wildest Dreams

Dominus Vir and the Master Mind Collective welcome another "perspective" piece by our collective poet; Patricia Ralph

Living my wildest dream is like skiing down the Swiss Alps with the cold tingling air against my face and the magic of icy music swishing in my ear…

…And it’s me, just me and the vast white carpet welcoming me.

Living my wildest dream is like standing by the Savanna in Trinidad with a dozen fresh oysters lined up waiting to individually greet my lips, with a sauce so tasty it brings tears to my eyes; And chilled coconut water so sweet and delicious I know it was home- grown just for me.

It’s the sound of calypso and soca, the rhythm of the steel drums on Carnival Monday and Tuesday when it seems as if I had recaptured a certain innocence that was once lost.

Living my wildest dream is sipping champagne on the French Riviera watching the sun set, as the water dance to the beat of my heart and the bubbles in my glass sparkle on the tip of my tongue with a tantalizing freshness that leaves me intoxicated.

Living my wildest dream is like floating on the Nylon Pool in Tobago where fish of every size and color cradle me, while the warmth of the water comforts me and stress is only a word used when swearing.

Living my wildest dream is like reading poetry to an audience with names like Angelou, Giovanni and Ikeda on the guest list.  And the music you hear in the background is not a cassette or a CD, but Herbie Hancock and All Stars Steel Orchestra Live.

Living my wildest dream is soaring like a bird, or sitting on the horizon where sea and sky meet, enjoying a perfect blend of happiness and freedom that allows me to experience true JOY.

~Patricia Ralph