Could it be that history came knocking on every door in Brooklyn

The Mecca of culture and diversity

Could it be that the voices of 200 strong sang your name in one voice 

and it echoed through the tunnels of the Battery

Did you hear the footsteps dancing over the Brooklyn Bridge to 

welcome you, and the smiling faces from Greenpoint to Coney Island 

uttering your praise

You are a Statesman and a Gentleman

Could you be the vision for the borough of Brooklyn, the inspirational 

voice for East Flatbush, Crown Heights and Cobble Hill 

A voice for those with no voice

A voice of reason, when dialogue fails

A soothing voice to calm the angry

A voice of friendship bringing people together

A champion for integrity and equality

A Statesman and a Gentleman

Could you be the world wind moving through Sea Gate, Sheepshead 

Bay, Brighton Beach, Manhattan Beach, to Williamsburg, Bushwick, 

and Bedford Stuyvesant gathering strength with every stride

“100 Women and 100 Men In Partnership” cheering you on

From East New York to Red Hook all moving as one Brooklyn all 

connected as one vibrant entity, and you the integral link

A Statesman and a Gentleman

Could you be the heart of Brooklyn’s revitalization placed on the 

universal map for all to see

Where every country is represented and every man, woman and child 

knows your name

We all stood on the stairs of Borough Hall to welcome you and we will 

all stand on the stairs of Gracie Mansion to thank you

The wave of success will continue to grow and the people will 

continue to call your name...

Eric Adams, a Statesman and a Gentleman, Home Grown in