4 Things You Can Take to Help Promote a More Healthy Heart

Hello everyone. Madu here again with some more important information. I figured it's be appropriate to talk about 4 things that can help promote that vigorous muscle that powers us everyday without taking a break or vacation. As the title states, here are 4 things you can take to help promote a more healthy heart:

1- 100% Unrefined Coconut Oil: 
As of late coconuts have been proven to greatly increase people' over all health. Whether it's in the form of coconut water, milk or meat there is plenty of evidence to show that this gift from the Earth is actually classified as a "super food". With that said, Coconut oil is important because it helps the body to break down bad cholesterol and increase good cholesterol thus decreasing the chance of heart disease as well as balancing out the body's fat levels. There is so much coconut oil does, it's hard to pack it all in this blog. Just know if you need to super charge your heart, this is the power house I suggest you look into. I recommend 100% unrefined because it is more readily to be eaten and absorbed in this form by the body where as refined usually is prepared to cooking with. For more info you can check the following cite for more info:


2- Tulsi (Holy Basil)
This herb, I usually make a loose leaf tea out of, has done wonders for my own overall health and energy. Tulsi in itself is anti viral, anti fungal and anti bacterial much like Coconut oil. In addition, tulsi protects the heart by keeping stress levels under control. This is done by a powerful antioxidant agent in the herb called eugenol. In addition, it helps with the relief of congestion in the chest and sinuses to help us breath a little better. For more info on everything tulsi can do check out the following site:


3- Black Mission Figs

Yet another power house of nutrients that help the body in an innumerable amount of ways. As far as aiding the heart, this food helps the body overall in cellular regeneration. I won't claim it directly grows back heart tissue, however it is mostly used to help the body regulate glucose levels and is highly recommended to those of us who suffer from diabetes. This is because Black Mission Figs don't have glucose but rather a more ancient form of sugar called galactose, which feeds into the pituitary system; a part of our system in charge of healing and regeneration (I see this as the body's offense). Glucose feeds into the nervous system (our defenses) and when not in balance sends the system into survival mode. Also, by lowering glucose levels it de-stresses the body thus helping it to do what is was made to do; heal itself. Like real life, there usually is a lot more breathing room when one is on the offensive then the defensive- a topic for another time. There are so many pages of studies of how this food helps us, just google, "benefits of Black Mission figs" and be astounded by the finds.  Here is one

P.S. Women with fibroid issues should also eat at least seven of these a day to help dissolve those pesky things. Again google it.

4- Turmeric

This one was a surprise to me but the Indian Ayurvedic herb that we like to use in curry dishes, and what have you, actually helps big time with promoting heart health. Simply put, turmeric promotes proper blood circulation. I use it as a "cleanser" of the heart. It helps with healthy lung function as well as correcting some digestive issues. Yet again, too much info to include here but if you need the a website to start your research go to the following:

Click here for more Info on Turmeric


Well that's it for me for today. We acknowledge and celebrate the joining of the masculine and feminine energies coming together to pay tribute to one another. I wish you all good health and to keep those hearts in strong condition. As it's the will of the heart that generates motivation in our spirits. Enjoy the day!