New Beginnings: Incipio

An exploration of ideas is considered a journey. Much like a physical journey, a mental journey needs preparation. Preparation comes from nature, nurture and choices made.  As you set out on a journey always consider what is to come and what you might leave behind. 

As we depart on our journey, we want our readers, friends, families and followers to know we are prepared. Through mindfulness and the practice of exploration we find commonality in the mind. We have visualized our progress and aim to serve the curious mind seeking knowledge. 

First run through the manifesto to grasp what direction were headed. As we all journey together lets stop and think about preparation. Without serving any particular category or hierarchy we start with the mind. 

The mind is the most worldly tangible. Its a terrible thing to waste and most people have some concept of the mind and what it does. The question is can most people master their own mind in true preparation for their life's journey. 

Neon Art