Will What you Please

Respect that of the retrospect!

be aware of the infect 

infected with the virus of selfishness

ravishing er’rythang with psycho blankness

for personal benefit

and nothing to come of it

but of course, there will be temptation

take a step back and maybe a shot of bourbon

grass over there shimmers with glare from the sun 

until you realize the real shit was always shunned

sometimes your forced to play with fire

found yourself tested like kanye in ‘through the wire' 

splash your feet around in some deep waters

next thing you know your precious soul is altered 

society is but a scene in a snow globe

constructs are made from elite xenophobes  

obligation is what you owe to the world

treat it like you would that of fucking pearls

will what you please 

please your own wills 

Inquire the god in you