The 30 Day Fast Challenge

Hello world! I'm sending out this post for all of you who want to participate this Friday April 1st in the 30 Day Fast Challenge. The following is an excerpt from an email I sent friends and family this past holiday season. Instructions about the fast are inside:

Hello friends and family,

I'm writing to you all to inform you about a little information I have discovered by doing hours of research online and testing it out on myself. I think we all already know exactly how polluted this earth is and how much those "powers that be" keep bombarding us with chemicals, radiation, and destroying us with their so called "food" all for the sake of capitalism and profit. So I thought as a show of unity between us all I figured maybe a fast would be great for us all to deflate those huge bellies after having an awesome feast this week. DON'T WORRY THOUGH! This fast will not be taking away vital nutrients like a straight water fast. In fact, it will balance your body by putting back at least 92 of the 108 minerals we need to survive on a daily basis. (Meat eaters get anywhere between 55-65 essential minerals while staunch vegetarians get about 70). This is a fast focused on feeding your cells not curbing your stomach's craving. From anywhere between 3-30 days commit to the instructions below:

-Get 100% Raw Coconut Water (packaged in either glass or plastic bottles preferably. Aluminum containers compromise the electricity in the water. Like brother Polight said, "You might as well fluoridate your coconut water" -another conversation for another time.

Full video here:

-Get Baldderwracks and seamoss or buy bromide plus powder online from Dr. Sebi.

Click on this link: Dr. Sebi's Cell Food 

-Mix the bladder wracks and sea-moss in the coconut water and consume. Basically drink whenever hungry, irritable, weak feeling, or any other time you feel like the body is going a little funky because of the fast. 

Now if you can't get the coconut water or frankly you just don't like the taste of it, you can use distilled or filtered water. I recommend you buy a "Propur" water filter especially if you're in the NYC area because you guys are being bombarded by fluoride through your drinking supply. (And no it's not good for your teeth. You need calcium fluoride for that. They pumping ya'll full of sodium fluoride which is used in rat poison and first utilized by the Nazis to domesticate the populous of concentration camps in Nazi Germany to prevent uprisings.- Google it). 

If need be please click on this link to buy one online:

The only set back on that is, coconut water will give your body the necessary electrolytes needed so that way you don't get that woozy feeling during the process which many people experience during other fasts. Again, this is a fast focused on feeding your cells not your stomach. Keep that in mind.

Also, if its too expensive for you to buy the water filter, find a clean source of activated charcoal if you can. Use it by taking about 30 grams over a 2 day period each week or when necessary and that should draw out all toxins and impurities in the body including fluoride. Email me if you need more info on this.

 For a full detox I would recommend, if you can hang, to do a 30 day fast. This will not only balance out your body's weight so you'll know what your weight should be but it's a great way to make the body more impenetrable to disease. And if you are suffering from one, it can and will cure that as well. If you don't believe me please check out the following video on Dr. Sebi and check out his YouTube vids. Here's one:

Now if you've never fasted before, try to shoot for only a week and trust me your body and mind will feel the difference. If you need to get off it early just wane your body back by introducing fruits and vegetables the first day of going back to solids and then eat how you want the following day. Same goes for us coming back from the full 30 day period. Now for those of us that really can't go without eating, you can do the following as I have done in the past and add these things to the routine.-Black Mission Figs-Walnuts-Shilajit

There are plenty of benefits from these foods but the reason why I say choose these is because walnut burn slow when we ingest them so their great for anybody who is training or just needs some extra fuel. Black Mission Figs run on something called galactous which is a more ancient form of sugar and speaks to the regenerative part of our immune system. This means, ladies if you have fibroids eat 7 figs a day. That should dissolve those things over time. Of course make sure you can get the most raw/organic versions of theses things to keep the system clean. Shilajit does too much to list so please google and research. It's fascinating.

I also use Moringa Olifiera powder. It's a powerhouse of nutrients and is known to cure at least 300 diseases known to man. There are many sites on google if you need more info. 

So that's it for now family. After all that stuffing this Thursday, join me starting December 1st this year on this fast as an act of solidarity. We will not only cleanse our bodies but also our minds. And if we all do it at the same time it will prove to be a bonding experience that we all will feel mentally and spiritually. We will be linked. Forward this to all your family and friends and let's ring in this New Year with better health and more life.

With love,


PS: If there are any questions or concerns please email me at: Happy Holidays!

HealthMr. MaduHealth, MrMadu