Black America Again: Common is Back, and on a Mission

            I had the pleasure of meeting Common at New York City College of Technology. He was there to promote his new album ‘Black America Again’.  He took questions from the students at the school and while maintaining a humble and down to earth attitude, his answers actually appeared as genuine. He showcased a moving video attached below "Black America Again"  and also graced the students with a spoken word excerpt from the song "The Day Women Took Over" also on his new album. (See snippets below) 

Common @ City Tech

        Personally, Its refreshing to see Common transition away from the mainstream and take a stand creatively and socially with his latest LP.  Seems like people forget that Common has challenged artist and hip-hop music in the past to uphold a sense of responsibility while maintaining a level of respect.  I hope you enjoy this thought provoking piece as much as we did. After you view this do yourself a favor a listen to Commons Past Album as well as the latest, Black America Again.