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Dominus Vir’s Manifesto serves as a public declaration of the intentions, motives, and views for The Master Men and Women’s artistic movement. The main goal is to achieve a revolutionary effect on fashion, art, design and all forms of expression, and open doors outside of mainstream elitist run institutions and/or companies looking for followers and praise without production.
— Masters Of Self

Manifesto of the Masters

1.Promote friendly Eco-socialism

2. The 7th generation of offspring, human & non human animals are kept in mind through all manufacturing and organizational endeavors..

3. Identify masters of crafts, learning and sharing with each other to collectively journey through the arts as apprentice to each other. 10,000 dedicated hours creates the master. We recognize the step is takes to perfection and how an unorthodox education can still make someone a master in a skill set. Perfect practice makes perfection, we realize and identify masters and apprentices of the arts. 10,000 dedicated hours is approximately a year of work.

4. Bring art and politics together in creative ways. Creating new avenues between creative and current events.

5. Refuse to compromise values by not conforming with N.G.O or non Profit Government strangleholds for operation. We aim to be self sufficient.

6. Inter-generational awareness 

7. International recognition 

8. Support Local business and prioritize their needs over large corporation. Maintaining relations through tangible incentives.

9. Maintain scholarly and scientific information guidelines. Sourcing, Critical thinking and applying the Scientific Method to as much literary articles and statement claimed or announced by Dominus Vir.

10. This document represent a living entity, it's intended to grow, change,  and be reevaluated as the organization grows. Changes in the manifesto of masters are only consensus driven as will be many of the companies decisions.


As entities of action whether, businesses or individuals who set out to master their ever changing, challenging environment, we come across people on the same expedition who inspire our upcoming endeavors and unite for obstacles to be conquered. Dominus Vir is the Mastermind collective for all forms of art and seekers of knowledge through various, limitless forms of expression.  

"Three Words"

Why Dominus Vir? 

Dominus - Latin title translate as "Master Of" a particular craft or principality. A graduate of some form of apprenticeship.

Vir - Mankind is obsolete, humanity is the species. Man, however is symbolic to human beings. The noun. 


Neon Art  - We learn we grow."I believe in the use of positive energy, it allows all my dreams to manifest into reality."Neon Art. 


Madu -Raider of Lost arks and by arks we mean knowledge. Our investigative journalist to the soul, the journey will contain personal experiences and challenges. 

Jazmin India - Designer eye, youthful vision and opening minds through exploration.

The Godmother- A matriarchs perspective. Needed for growth and to strengthen bonds. 


Always looking for interesting perspectives. If you'd like to write or have any writers inquiries please contact us below.