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Master Mind Design

Experience the collaborative efforts of graphic designers, painters, photographers, performance artist and creative directors in the business of art and sustainability. We do not build Brands... we build communities, we create relationships between art and business. 

King concrete jungle

Master Mind design firm services include;

  • Template Design (Wordpress - Wix - Squarespace - Etc)
  • Content Managment (create template to automate / simplify content machine)
  • Graphic Ad Desigin (Flyers- Posters- Book/Album Covers- Promotional art)
  • Creative Consultations (in person, by mail, telephone, online or in-person visits are designed to help artists of all forms develop the skills they need to manage their own careers – including information regarding netwroking relationships, resumes, documentation, contracts, business negotiations all aimed to create self sustainablity)
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As entities of action whether, businesses or individuals who set out to master their ever changing, challenging environment, we come across people on the same expedition who inspire our upcoming endeavors and unite for obstacles to be conquered. Dominus Vir is the Mastermind collective for all forms of art and seekers of knowledge through various, limitless forms of expression.  

"Three Words"


Dominus - Latin title translate as "Master Of" a particular craft or principality. A graduate of some form of apprenticeship.

Vir - Mankind is obsolete, humanity is the species. Man, however is symbolic to human beings. The noun. 


Neon Art  - We learn we grow."I believe in the use of positive energy, it allows all my dreams to manifest into reality."Neon Art. 


Madu -Raider of Lost arks and by arks we mean knowledge. Our investigative journalist to the soul, the journey will contain personal experiences and challenges. 

Jazmin India - Designer eye, youthful vision and opening minds through exploration.

The Godmother- A matriarchs perspective. Needed for growth and to strengthen bonds. 


Always looking for interesting perspectives. If you'd like to write or have any writers inquiries please contact us below.

Products of Art and design

by Master Mind design 

Creativity takes a hit when people in a work group compete instead of collaborate.
— (Teresa Amabile)
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Bag Bang Theory 

is a series of art projects contemplated and produced in Brooklyn, New York by Artist/Designer Jazmin India. Designer of abstract purses, Jazmin India introduces you to Bag Bang Theory.


Love Green Productions NYC 

Video Production and Photgraphy 

Mr Madu

Mad Mon Madu .com

Meditation, holistic healing, philosophy, Eastern Martial Arts, Energy work, Natural healing, history and lost spiritual sciences


My Faith Heels

Faith is Healing; A site about a Faith Driven Diva who knows there's more to life than her soles. Knowing Faith is the strongest ground to strut her heels in, she laughs without fear at her future. With courage she faces today living, laughing, loving, journeying the path God designed. Find and follow her here

Nayilah Antoine

Nayilah Antoine .com

I am passionate-I am rarely simple

I am complicated-I am rhythm

I am lifts-I am movement

I am laughter-I am intense,  intended, intentional

I am paint-I am the canvas of God’s imagination

Professional Dance / Expression Artist and Choreographer