Ubuhlalu: An Exhibit
3:00 pm15:00

Ubuhlalu: An Exhibit

  • Temple of Illumination

Zola Dube, an afiliate, mentor and master beader presents An exhibition on Ubuhlalu "that which makes me stay". From the root-word "hlalu" meaning pebble, seed or bead. Ubuhlalu is the most ancient art form in the world. Come to experience the ancestors rich history first hand. 

Filmatics @ Brooklyn Exposure
8:00 pm20:00

Filmatics @ Brooklyn Exposure

  • Brooklyn Exposure

Dominus Vir plug! for #NewYorkshitty Presents F*cking Misfits. Combination of Graffiti  and Canvas Art with Special premiere of New #newyourkshitty episode.